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Research Alumni Meetings

Within the Research Alumni Network HAI organizes for current and former international researchers at Heidelberg University network meetings as well as conferences abroad and in Germany. Furthermore, the network offers the possibility to participate in external events and conferences.


Research Alumni Network Meetings

Network Meetings Abroad

Network meetings for research alumni who returned to their home countries as well as for international researchers currently residing there.

Netwerktreffen Japan 2018Japan 2018 Network Meeting Italy 2013Italy 2013 Network Meeting USA 2012USA 2012 Network Meeting India 2012India 2012

Network meetings in Heidelberg

There are regular opportunities for smaller network meetings at Heidelberg University. Furthermore current visiting scientists, their hosts and our Research Alumni meet at bigger events.

International Research Partnerships
International Research PartnershipsHD 2015


Research Alumni Conferences

Research Alumni Conferences Berlin

International Conferences of the Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation to recruit future Research Alumni as "ambassadors" of German research institutions while strengthening their bonds with the host universities.

3rd Research Alumni Conference 2015Berlin 2015 1st Research Alumni Conference 2013Berlin 2013

As winner of AvH competitions the Ruperto Carola was proud to give some outstanding researchers the possibility to attend the conference.


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The Research Network Meetings 2012-2018 were supported by competitions on the Research Project from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
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